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ZeoFill Premium Infill

  SYNLawn of Hawaii is the exclusive distributor of ZeoFill Premium Infill for the Hawaiian Islands! Find more information on this incredible product, which we recommend for 90% of installs, below.
Most artificial turfs require some type of help in keeping the fibers standing. This material, be it rubber crumb, silica sand, or similar products are all different types of infill.SYNLawn of Hawaii is proud to offer turfs that do not technically require any infill, thanks to the thickness of the thatch layers (or bundles of smaller fibers woven between the longer ones) in our turf.Though it's not required, there are numerous benefits to using one special type of infill: called ZeoFill.
ZeoFill far surpasses traditional infills like rubber and sand in terms of benefits to your turf and overall value. It is a chemical-free, naturally mined mineral that performs a number of key actions that other infills simply do not provide:Cooling – When water is applied to ZeoFill, the process of evapotranspiration begins to create a cooling effect on your turf, keeping it at a comfortable temperature even in direct sunlight.Odor Control – Have pets? If waste from pets and other animals is allowed to sit on a turf without any kind of odor control system for too long, unpleasant smells will develop. ZeoFill uses its ionic properties to neutralize the ammonia odor in urine – keeping your turf as scent-free as possible.Turf Protection & Durability – Though all SYNLawn turf is guaranteed by its 15 Year Warranty regardless of whether or not infill is installed – we do highly recommend the installation of at least a very thin layer of the product. By supporting the fibers and keeping the sun's UV rays off of the turf backing, ZeoFill adds valuable years onto the usable life of your turf.
As the only authorized seller for the Hawaiian Islands, you will need to be in contact with a SYNLawn of Hawaii dealer. For Maui, call (808) 879 5111, for Oahu and all Neighbor Islands, call (808) 593 1864. Or, feel free to fill out a contact form here.It is available in 50 lbs bags, pricing varies based on shipping method and quantity ordered. If you are interested in having SYNLawn of Hawaii install your synthetic turf, ZeoFill can be added into your estimate.
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