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Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

We love our furry friends in Hawaii. So, it's natural that many people ask us an important question: isn't a natural grass lawn the best surface for my pet? Is artificial grass safe for pets? (more…)
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El Nino in Hawaii – Is Your Lawn Next?

El Nino in Hawaii El Nino gave us a nice green summer, but the positive effects of the global weather event were bound to wear off eventually. If you're maintaining a lawn, be prepared to run those sprinklers a little more often. After an unusually wet summer, which had Hawaii property owners scrambling to combat the excessive green growth…
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7 Incredible Offices with Artificial Grass

Office decor varies wildly depending on industry, location, company size, and a host of other factors. Some companies skew towards the purely functional, basic workstations on low, heavy-duty carpet, inoffensive and easy to maintain. Others invest in fostering dynamic, creativity-inspiring areas, eschewing cubicles for couches, bean-bag chairs, and ping-pong tables. All offices, however, attempt to avoid the…
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