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Most of our residential jobs here at SYNLawn Hawaii involve replacing traditional grass with synthetic turf, but fairly regularly we'll get the opportunity to install a putting green for the avid golfer. These jobs require more time and effort to complete, but the end product is well worth it. Since the majority of strokes taken in golf are near the green, having a top-notch short game is an important part of playing the sport well. Many golfers are accustomed to going out to a range to work on distance shots, but then having to find additional time to work on putting can be simply too much for those who love golf but have other commitments. The perfect solution for dedicated golfer: let SYNLawn Hawaii bring the putting practice to your own backyard with a permanent, custom-designed green. We recently installed one for this home in Kaimuki, and we were quite pleased with how it turned out. Check out the process, from beginning to end, below!  

Backyard Putting Paradise by SYNLawn Hawaii

First came the planning stages, we met with the homeowner to assess his needs, budget, and preferences, and provided a free estimate for the job. Upon acceptance of the bid, we got to work! We measured out and marked the area, then proceeded to cut out and remove the existing sod, and dig out 3-4 inches of the dirt. hawaii best synthetic turf backyard golf The dug out area was filled with a compact-able gravel called S4C, and the cups were placed. The S4C was brought in by wheelbarrow, spread into place, leveled to allow for optimal drainage and play performance, then compacted into a tight base using a vibrating plate compactor (the orange machine seen below.) synlawn hawaii artificial grass hawaii cost After that, we laid out the turf: SYNLawn Precision Putt for the green and SYNBermuda 211 for the fringe, and cut and secured the pieces. After we cleaned up the site and ensured the work met the standards of the client, the putting green was complete! synlawn of hawaii golf putting greens hawaii artificial lawn installation There is even a nice little feature that really ups the "wow" factor... cups with built-in lights, to allow for night putting! Photo Mar 10, 8 38 56 PM This home will enjoy a top-notch, private backyard putting paradise that will look great for many years. SYNLawn Hawaii was honored to complete this custom putting green, and would love to do the same for your home.   Call us at (808) 593 1864 to set up your free estimate!   If you follow us on Facebook - thank you for your support. If you do not yet but would like to, please click here

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