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We were thrilled to have the opportunity to install SYNLawn at Cutter Auto Hawaii's newest showroom. Situated on the bustling Ala Moana Boulevard in Honolulu, a major thoroughfare between downtown and Waikiki, they needed a solution for their front lawn: it always has to look attractive for the thousands of people who drive by the dealership everyday. Naturally, Cutter wanted to avoid the sky-high costs of having a crew come out to frequently service a typical lawn, so they chose SYNLawn! Using our calculator, we've determined that Cutter will save around $70,000 just on water and sewer expenses alone over the life of the turf. Add in the costs of maintaining grass, and the wise, money saving choice soon becomes clear. Check out the artificial turf installation process for this job below!  

Cutter Auto Hawaii: New Dealership, New Look

The building was built from scratch, and as is typical with large construction projects, the ground around the building turned into gnarled mass of uneven, patchy sod, with shrubs strewn throughout. Cutter Auto Hawaii artificial lawns Solutions for uneven lawn The first step was to clear everything out! We used a Bobcat to dig out the existing bumps as well as an additional 3-4 inches of dirt from the entire install area. synthetic turf install process commercial Cutter Auto Ala Moana After the grubbing came the placement of the base layer! We use S4C, a fine pea gravel that compacts into a smooth, even layer. The layer also allows for water to flow through the turf quickly, one of the secrets to the turf's excellent drainage. SYNLawn artificial lawns Oahu how much does synthetic turf cost Then, the turf is laid out, cut, and seamed together! We unfortunately don't have any images of this step for this particular project, but we do have them from a recent residential job. The materials and process is pretty much the same.
Artificial Turf Installation Hawaii Maui

Goopy, green turf adhesive is laid on the black seam cloth seen laying on the base layer in the image above. The two turf pieces are then quickly pushed together to make a smooth, even seam.

Finally, we drove 5 inch long, galvanized nails throughout the turf to help it stay in place. After going over the surface of the turf with a power broom to fluff it up and remove any extra fibers, we were finished! Cutter received a low-maintenance, money saving new lawn that will catch customer's eyes for many years to come. Want to see some more angles of the project? Check out a super short video below: Check out Cutter Auto Hawaii online here.

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