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artificial lawn cost calculator   How much does an artificial lawn cost? SYNLawn is a superior synthetic turf product and, like solar panels, a terrific way to save bundles of money on your household utility bills. However, unlike solar panels, synthetic lawns go further by allowing families to save big on maintenance costs and avoid the pains that go with caring for grass. Many are discouraged from the huge savings by the initial upfront investment, even through the majority of homes can save money with a synthetic lawn. We've provided a free, simple calculator to help you get a rough idea on your home's artificial lawn cost.  Check out the savings below!
Ready to save some money for real? Call us at 808-593-1864 to learn more and set up your free estimate!* Keep in mind that the calculator does not account for increases in water rates over time... the Honolulu Board of Water Supply just finished a series of yearly 8-10% rate increases in July 2015. With Oahu's aging water infrastructure, more rate increases in the near future are not difficult to envision. Also, remember that the savings calculated above are just the water savings. It does not include the cost of having a landscaper come for regular trimming. Or having to go out and purchase a new mower when your old one dies. Don't forget about the environmental benefits... irrigation, fertilizers, and lawn equipment emissions put strain on our environment in a big way. All of our lawns include an industry-leading 15 year warranty, so the quality of your SYNLawn is ensured for years and years to come, making an investment in SYNLawn a smart and secure choice! The earlier you install, the earlier you start to save! Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii Island property owners, call us at 808-593-1864 today to set up your free estimate. For Maui, please call 808-879-5111.   Check us out on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop on projects we're working on and more.   *Sources: Honolulu Board of Water Supply, (for estimated yearly water usage) NOTE: SYNLawn cost estimate above based on an average cost of turf and installation. Different lawns have different needs, call us to set up a formal quote. ©2016 SYNLawn of Hawaii

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