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Synthetic grass is a versatile, useful product: as the technology and manufacturing processes behind it continue to improve, the number of ways it can be used and durability of the product increase as well.   In other words: this ain't your daddy's synthetic grass. Though some might have thought of "fake grass" as tacky, most of today's architects, designers, and decorators recognize the beauty and benefits of a quality synthetic grass. As a result, what was once derided as a mere lawn replacement is now often used to make highly creative, daring, even dazzling designs.   Here are some that caught our eye:

12 Incredible Uses for Synthetic Grass

1. Zen Room

hawaii best artificial grass installer   Synthetic grass instantly warms what would be a cold, austere space. The dead trees and white walls would be harsh on their own, but the artificial turf panels bring comfort and texture.

2. Eye-catching sign

SYNLawn Hawaii turf

Ain't no party like a SYNLawn party cause a SYNLawn party has a 15 Year Warranty.

In addition to its warmth, its pleasant green-ness is also a nice attribute, making for a nice way to deliver a message. synthetic grass for homes

3. Gigantic Advertisement

honolulu turf sales From SYNLawn New York - SYNLawn synthetic grass frames this rooftop advertisement for Hugo Boss quite nicely.

4. Green Carpet > Red Carpet

indoor artificial grass hawaii The premiere of Snow White & The Huntsman went with a more 'forest' look for its red carpet. The film might've gotten a mediocre 49% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but that beautiful turf underfoot gets 100% in our hearts.

5. Turf Cubes

other uses for synthetic grass These artificial turf-covered boxes, loosely arranged in a circle, promote a comfy, green space that promotes gathering and collaboration.

6. Magical Turf Rocks

hawaii garden Wrap the large rocks in your garden with turf! It certainly creates a strong statement: invoking a roaring creek while maintaining a natural sense of peace and serenity.

7. Wall of Grass

best turf for homes All of the beauty of a vertical grass wall, without the bugs, watering, or the fact that this is just about impossible with real grass.

8. Table Runner

Spend some time cleaning up the edges of a thin strip of previously unusable turf and you have a beautiful table runner with which to serve your latest farm-to-table feast. Upcycling at its finest!

9. Take a Seatoahu artificial turf

Take a load off on one of these puffy, turf covered bar stools!

10. Plush Pillows

honolulu home decorating Fun, funky, and comfortable! Cover some drab outdoor pillows with synthetic grass and you have an instant conversation starter.

11. Man Cave (or She Shed!)

*Cue Heavenly Music*

The popularity of in-home solitude retreats is increasing, and with it a need to create an area that immediately serves up comfort. Enter SYNLawn to deliver that comfort.

12. Stepping Stones

synthetic grass installer oahu We typically install the opposite of the below, pavers in artificial grass, but we're digging this reversal! The turf pops nicely against the grass and complements the living plants, turning what was once most likely a muddy side yard into an attractive through-way.    
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