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2015-07-29 12.50.19 Interested in installing synthetic turf for your home or business? Make sure you pick the right turf for your needs and budget! SYNLawn of Hawaii offers over 40 different types of artificial grasses, for use in everywhere from sport fields to putting greens, from rooftop decks to dog parks. To the inexperienced eye, many of these turfs start to look the same. Often the differences are subtle, so how do you pick the right synthetic turf for you? Besides calling us at (808) 593 1864 or sending a message, you can read on to learn more about a few of our most popular turfs, with pictures of local projects we've completed!  

Best Types of Synthetic Turf for Hawaii Yards

SYNTipede 354

Hawaii SYNLawn SYNTipede 354 Our "old reliable", SYNTipede 354 is one of our most popular turfs, primarily because of its versatility. We've laid this turf down at Cutter Auto on Ala Moana Boulevard as well as numerous homes and playgrounds across the island. This synthetic turf boasts a robust, tan-colored thatch layer and sturdy C-shaped fibers that allow it to support heavy foot traffic without curling. It is also contains HeatBlock, a design system that allows it to be cooler to the touch in direct sunlight than other artificial turfs. IMG_4540  

SYNLawn 116

SYNLawn 116 grass A terrific choice for aesthetic purposes, SYNLawn 116 looks great while coming in at a tremendous value price-wise. We've installed this one at quite a few homes who were seeking to cut down on their maintenance costs, and we're pleased to report that results are quite nice: Photo Mar 22, 11 25 00 AM  

SYNTipede 214

SYNTipede 214 synthetic turf cost SYNTipede 214 is the little brother of our beloved SYNTipede 354 turf, the only differences being slightly shorter fibers and a green thatch instead of tan. That being said, it is a solid turf, and contains similar HeatBlock properties to the 354. This has also been a popular choice amongst homeowners: Photo Apr 06, 10 44 12 PM  

SYNBermuda 211

Honolulu Fake Grass SYNBermuda 211 The picture does not do it justice: SYNBermuda 211 is one of our most attractive synthetic turfs if you're a fan of the well-groomed look for your yard. The turf has short, small fibers made from 100% nylon which allows it to have a smooth touch and excellent durability. Our most notable recent install of SYNBermuda 211 was on the pool deck of this windward-side home: smaller cropped synlawn hawaii  

SYNLawn 356

Synthetic Turf Hawaii SYNLawn 356 Last but not least is SYNLawn 356. This synthetic turf would be the cousin of SYNTipede 354 - it looks similar but boasts traditional flat fibers rather than C-shaped ones, giving it a lower price without sacrificing on quality. SYNLawn 356 is a great "comfortable" grass - an ideal substitute for longer-bladed grasses. It delivers a great traditional grass look without the traditional grass maintenance pains. Below is 356 in action - saving Oahu's armed forces time and money at Ford Island! Ford Island turf Pearl Harbor synthetic grass   Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the latest jobs we've wrapped up, deals, new developments, and more. Explore more photos of completed installs here.  

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